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Jeremy Rifkin on The World Financial Review: How the Internet, Green Electricity, and 3-D Printing are Ushering in a Sustainable Era of Distributed Capitalism

mag 17th, 2012 | By L | Category: centrale_EN

    16/05/2012   The Washington-based economist Jeremy Rifkin, creator of the vision of Third Industrial Revolution and promoter of energetic democracy and distributed capitalism around the world, has recently wirtten an article on how  Internet, Green Electricity, and 3-D Printing could lead to a new era of distributed, sustainable capitalism.

NewStatesman interview with Jeremy Rifkin

dic 19th, 2011 | By L | Category: centrale_EN

    19/12/2011   The New Statesman talks to Jeremy Rifkin, economist, writer, political adviser and activist, about renewable energy and his new book, The Third Industrial Revolution.

Jeremy Rifkin on the Huffington Post: Lateral Power against the world’s inequality and the Financial Crisis

nov 9th, 2011 | By L | Category: centrale_EN

  09/11/2011 Jeremy Rifkin wrote this post on The Huffington Post explaining how the Lateral Power of young people and organizations around the world is trying to compete with the overwhelming economic and political power of the onepercenters. 

Matt Laherty from CEO Roundtable for TIR talks about integration among Domotic Technology, PV energy and smart grids on Huffington Post

ott 4th, 2011 | By L | Category: centrale_EN

  04/10/2011   After the presentation on Huffington Post of Jeremy Rifkin's new book, "The Third Industrial Revolution", of which we have already spoken last week, today we propose the article written by the member of CEO Roundtable for TIR Matt Laherty, employee for Cisco Systems and creator of Cisco EnergyWise.