CETRI-TIRES Training Internship in Brussels

The Institute "G. Lombardo Radice" of Catania has joined an EU-funded project entitled "Le Français dans le Monde", through which 15 high school graduates from the Catanese high school have carried out a training and job internship organized by CETRI-TIRES in cooperation with the companies Consider (Belgium) and SicilMed (Italy) and the travel agency Conca D'Oro (Italy).
The training consisted of eight weeks (09.04.2012 – 10.26.2012) during which the tutor and teachers have directed attention of the trainees to issues such as renewable energies, responsible environmental policies, bio-architecture, European regulations and euro-design.

The 15 students were divided into five groups that have worked with teachers and tutors of the Internship for the preparation of the material available at the following links:

History of the European Union – From the origins to the Nobel Peace Prize
Edited by: Beatrice Averni, Razia Bibi Hingah, Michela Ragusa
Teachers: Giampaola Mazzola, Lorenzo Consoli
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CETRI-TIRES Third Industrial Revolution European Society
Edited by: Silvia Gentilini, Marzia Guerrera, Giulia Tusa
Teacher: Angelo Consoli
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Jeremy Rifkin and the Third Industrial Revolution
Edited by: Carla D'Angelo, Giulia Passeggiato, Jessica Alì
Teacher: Paolo Pavone
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The technologies of the Third Industrial Revolution
Edited by: Federica Ferrante, Federica Finocchiaro, Simona Santoro
Teacher: Peter Marchl
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The Covenant of Mayors and the SEAP for the city of Catania
Edited by: Marco Di Mauro, Mariagiulia Genovese, Chiarastella Pappalardo
Teacher: Giuseppe Guerrera
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The trainees of CETRI-TIRES Training Internship in Brussels 
Jessica Ali
Beatrice Averni
Marco Di Mauro
Carla D'Angelo
Federica Ferrante
Federica Finocchiaro
Mariagiulia Genovese
Silvia Gentilini
Marzia Guerrera
Razia Bibi Hingah
Chiarastella Pappalardo
Giulia Passeggiato
Michela Ragusa
Simona Maria Santoro
Giulia Tusa