Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Italian bureaucracy is killing energy efficiency. In whose interest?

Professor Livio de Santoli, author of the Rome SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) speaks up against Italian bureaucracy that’s preventing Italy from reaching its European Energy Efficiency targets “Italian Bureaucracy is not making it easy for energy efficiency in building in Italy.  Acvtually it is making it harder, contrary to what the EU is dictating. Energy efficiency is a very labour intensive economic sector, but in Italy it is not working because there is over regulation. There are  hundreds of different laws regulating energy efficiency that need to be consolidated in just one text. If the Italian legislative powers don’t act immediately,  Italy will not meet its 2020 targets for energy efficiency in building. Italian legislative powers have a direct  duty to approve a clear and easy-to-apply  legislation to give clear indications to the energy efficiency industry” says Livio de Santoli, who is also the Energy and Buildings manager of the Sapienza University in Rome and the author of the Manifesto TERRITORIO ZERO with CETRI-TIRES’ President Angelo Consoli. He made this point was made at a conference in the Italian Senate, organized by 5 Stars Senator Gianni Girotto. See the video here (in Italian on the web site of the Italian daily newspaper IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO).
In questo video de “IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO” si impara dalle sue parole perchè è così  difficile in Italia fare efficienza energetica in Italia e cosa bisogna fare per risolvere la situazione.

Livio de Santoli at the Italian Senate Conference "HOW MUCH EFFICIENCY DOES BUREAUCRACY WASTE?" organized by Senator Gianni Girotto of 5 Star movement, on the 15th of January 2015.

Big News From China!

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that the new Premier of China, Li Keqiang, “Is

a fan of American economist Jeremy Rifkin.”The Chinese press released a

biographical sketch on the new Premier stating that he is interested in The Third

Industrial Revolution book and economic model to help prepare China for a new

era of sustainable development. According to China Daily, “After Jeremy Rifkin,

President of the Foundation on Economic Trends, published his book The Third

Industrial Revolution, Li immediately asked China’s economic planners and

government think tanks to pay close attention to this research and made it his

latest instruction early last month.”

The implications of this development are far reaching for every country in the


Read article from businessweek

Read article from china.org.cn

We are now in the end game in the second Industrial revolution…”

A New Start for Europe. This is the slogan on the banner hanging high on the Berlaymont Palace. And here we go…Brussels again. First at the Polytalk Summit in Palais d’Egmont, and afterward in the Commission to meet the Vice President for Digital Europe, Andrus Ansip, and then in the Parliament to meet President Martin Schulz. We have been talking about the millions of jobs that can be created tomorrow morning by establishing the infrastructure of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is time to act now, because this is the last call to bring back the European Dream and cancel the crisis nightmare. A new Start for Europe, and the world. It is a hope not only for Europeans, but for all citizens of the world, because if Europe will lead, the world will follow.

watch video interview

Bruxelles. Jeremy Rifkin introducing The Industrial Renaissance Conference in Palais d’Egmont. President Elect Jean-Claude Juncker will conclude the morning session dedicated to the Third Industrial Revolution.
Brussels. This is our fourth Commission: Prodi, Barroso I, Barroso II and now Juncker. 12 years spent to advocate a Third Industrial Revolution. We are going to meet Vice President Andres Ansip, in charge of Digital Europe. To remind him that Digital Europe is more than free wi fi and broadband. It is the internet of thigs, prosumers, collaborative Commons, sharing economy, and power to The people. We need to switch from the Fiscal Compact to a new Social Compact!

MeshFunder: Crowdfunding for Commons

MeshFunder is the new platform for smart, distributed Communities, whose aim is to bring together citizens, SMEs and Public Institutions, providing them with the right tools to empower Communities for a transition to a circular economy.
The way to reach a circular, sustainable and fair economy is to develop smart, sustainable, collaborative projects through Crowdfunding, the revolutionary tool offered by the modern means of information and communication.
The projects featured in MeshFunder:
Smart distributed grid
It's fast, it's low cost, it's democratic, it's secure. It's the next Internet infrastructure. Host a node in your home or at your office and you'll be free to surf and share, not being observed by anybody.

Urban mining
Recycling is not only for the ecologists. There's a treasure in your e-waste. Reclaim the precious metals you just throw away, don't waste the opportunity.

Green Energy
Solar facilities and mini wind turbine need expensive funding? Learn how sharing a roof, a field, and co-investing together can save you money, in three to five years. And give your sons a better, cleaner, helthier world.

Healthcare network
Bring together public resource like a house, technology from the Internet of Things and the passion of the caregivers and build the most efficient assisted living network. At your home, with your lovers, with the ones you care.
MeshFunder is supported by CETRI-TIRES, Kyoto Club, Ce.R.S.I.Te.S Sapienza, ImpactHUB, The Internet Of Things Council, Comune di Vigolo Vattaro, Riabitare le Alpi.


Jeremy Rifkin was the keynote speaker at the informal EU Council, inaugural event of the Italian Semester, during the Digital Venice Conference

On the 8th of July Jeremy Rifkin delivered a speech to inspire the starting Italian Presidency in the direction of the Internet of Things, as well as the Zero Marginal Cost Economy, the digitalization of the EU activities and the raise of the Collaboratove Commons as the system that is going to replace capitalism in the long run. 

CETRI-TIRES meets Greenpeace: NO to offshore drills in Sicily’s seas, YES to Solar energy for everyone

CETRI-TIRES meets Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior, the ship that has fought and fights so many battles over the seas of the whole world for the protection of the oceans and to spread the principles of sustainability, respect for Nature and environmental commitment.

Rifkin’s revolution in Venice

Jeremy Rifkin brings the Third Industrial Revolution vision to the Italian EU Presidency inaugural event with Renzi and Kroes, the Digital Venice Conference for a more Digital Europe. An interview with Angelo Consoli.

Jeremy Rifkin presents his new book, The Zero Marginal Cost Society

Jeremy Rifkin, the American economist who invented and described the concepts of the Third Industrial Revolution, has recently published a new book, "The Zero Marginal Cost Society".

Toyota’s bet for future green cars technology is Hydrogen: “Our FCV will be as succesful as Prius”

In an escalation of the auto industry's war of words over future green technologies, a senior Toyota executive singled out rival executives on Tuesday, January 14th and made a bold prediction for its hydrogen car.

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