Summer Sessions launching this week! AOC Organizing Team

We’re gearing up for a whole month of renewed organizing efforts. This year, join Team AOC for a series of one and a half hour trainings led by our staff. Each week will feature a different topic, and we encourage you to attend as many as you can in order to get the full experience. These trainings are virtual and will be conducted via Zoom. You can join from anywhere in the country!

Upcoming events:
Team AOC Summer Session: Organizing Trainings!
Thursdays at 7:00 PM EDT
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Schedule of Trainings
Week 1: Understanding the US Medical System’s Finances
Week 2: Organizing Tactics and Workplace Organizing
Week 3: The Green New Deal Intersections: How Climate = Communities
Week 4: The US Congress and How You Can Influence Your Elected Officials

These trainings are designed for everyone, whether you are an experienced organizer or a supporter looking to get more involved with our campaign for the first time. After each session, we will provide a number of ways you can take action.

There’s never been a better and more urgent time to get involved. We know that when we, the people build grassroots knowledge and power together, we make change happen. We hope to see you at an organizing training this month!

In solidarity, Team AOC