Il modo in cui il mondo tratta i rifugiati ucraini dovrebbe essere uguale a quello con cui stiamo trattando tutti i rifugiati

The eyes of the world have been on Ukraine these past few weeks. One million Ukrainians have fled the country, a tragedy that deserves the attention it’s receiving. But as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said on MSNBC, “How the world treats Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees, should be how we are treating all refugees in the United States.

The contrast between Ukraine and how we’ve treated refugees from Syria, Haiti, Afghanistan and other conflicts and disasters is wrong. But we can use this moment to straighten the crooked path. We can use it to finally push for a pathway to citizenship for all refugees in the U.S. with temporary protected status – far too many of whom have been living in limbo for decades.

Watch Alexandria’s interview below, then call your representatives and ask them to support a path to citizenship for all those living under temporary protected status.

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Because so many of you pitched in earlier this week, we’ve raised over $75,000 so far for Ukrainian relief efforts.

We’re so incredibly grateful to all of you and humbled to see what our movement can do when we all come together when it’s needed most.

Together we can support those on the ground, amplify the call for equal treatment of refugees, increase the refugee cap to allow more victims of war to resettle in the U.S., and build our movement for peace.

With gratitude,

Team AOC