Germany goes Hydrogen to 2026!

Klaus Bonhoff – N.O.W.

We received from Dr. Klaus Bonhoff Managing Director of NOW GmbH
(Nationale Organisation Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellentechnologie)
(National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies)

(Courtesy of  Byron McCormick)

the very important information that the German Government has approved to continue the National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies (NIP) for another ten years (2016-2026).

While in the first phase (2007-2016) the target was on market preparation of respective web_bra_001_dr-_klaus_bonhoff_dr-_christopher_hebling__werner_diwald_dr-_bernd_pitschak_markus_bachmeier_5923technologies, with the result of market-ready technical performance,  the second phase (2016-2026) will focus on (i) continued R&D to further reduce costs and (ii) market activation. Market activation for transportation will especially include support for a commercial development of a hydrogen station network (e.g. via H2 Mobility Germany), development of hydrogen production based on renewable power (electrolysis), incentive programs for fuel cell vehicles (especially rail and busses) and green logistics (FC applications at production sites, airports etc.).dsc00304_488x324

Very soon we’ll make available a translation of the program document that was approved by the German Government on Sept. 28th, 2016.







Best regards,

Klaus Bonhoff