The Third Industrial Revolution is contageous

The Third Industrial Revolution extended from  Nord Pas de Calais to all French regions?

It is in fact what is suggested in the Corinne Lapage Report (you can download it here: presented yesterday in Paris with the presence of Jeremy Rifkin. by the former Minister and MEP, who was required to write a “New World Economy” Report by .Ségolène Royal, Minister for energy and Environment of the French Government

The Nord Pas de Calais has been the first Region in France to elaborate a Third Industrial Revolution master Plan involving the Jeremy Rifkin International TIR team, that foresees the total decarbonization of the Region by 2015 and the creation of 275.000 jobs bay 2050, with a spectacular  economic growth.

The Lepage report, L’Économie du nouveau monde,  suggests thatthe same methodology can be adapted to all French Region to obtain comparable results and achieve similar objectives. The Principles of the Nord Pas de Calais Master Plan become  hencefporth a blue print to be followed by all virtuous local administrations, 

« the  Nord-Pas de Calais wants to be a New World actor !  This is the deep  motivation that moved us to follow Jeremy Rifkin’s team indications, to become a leading Region into theThe Third Industrial Revolution future! Putting stakeholders together, give visibility to good practices, f help them funding them and creating the necessary synergies.

We are happy that our initiative can serve as a blu print for the  developement of a wider French creative and profitable sharing circular economy, making more with less and stimulating citizens’ participation and responsibility. We’ll keep putting all energy we have to stimulate the ambition to enter in the future with Hearth and spirit of our fellow  citizens. » declared Philippe Vasseur, President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and very active supporter of the Third Industrial Revolution project in the Nord Pas de Calais Region.

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