THE SOLAR 3D PRINTER. Democratization of manufactoring and energy at the same time. This Saturday ate the Rome Makers Faire.

12048779_10208144134308049_584330074_nOn Saturday 17th of October 2015, Jeremy Rifkin’s dream is coming true in Rome at the European Makers Faire.

Professor Livio de Santoli’s research center Citera and  CETRI-TIRES have developed  a solar 3D printer with the assistance of renewable energy company Enerworks  and of the Roman co-working fab lab ROMA MAKERS.


Roma Makers’ Silvio Tassinari

The project will be introduced by a video message from Jeremy Rifkin and represents the first phase towards a final step which is the perfectly stand alone hydrogen powered solar 3D printer.

Solarizing the digital manufactoring. Rolando and Edoardo Roberto from Enerworks

That will bring the wonders of the digital manufactoring  to the remote areas of the world from under developed Africa to  the Peruvian Amazon, allowing them to leap frog from under-development to the inclusive, empatic, sharing, sustainable Third Industrial Revolution.

Digital manufactoring (or as Jeremy Rifkin calls it “infofacturing”) is all the more important in the under developped world because it is a factor of fast development at very low marginal cost and delivers consumers goods and items that are not available in those areas because they are too expensive to make under the financial and technical conditions of the very high marginal cost fossil second industrial revolution.

Indeed,  if 3D printing for western consumers and producers is just a way to shift from one way to produce to another (less expensive and smaller scale one), for Africans, South-East Asians or Amazonians, it is the only way to make and have those consumer goods.

The TRI LED Lantern

The first application of the solar 3D printer in the Peruvian Amazon will be the production of the plastic body of the  TRI Led Lantern, that will spinn the local economy and bring light and energy to remote rural forestry areas.  The TRI LED Lantern allows Amazon kids to study at night when there is no sun light anymore, and allows them to acquire the cultural capacity to become “guardians of our biosphere”.

So the solar 3D printer is much much more than  a technological breaktrough. It is the democratization of energy and manufactoring together. According to the vision of Jeremy Rifkin.

If you are attending the Rome Makers Faire in the coming week-end don’t miss the opportunity to participate to the presentation of the Solar 3D printer.

Download and print the following invitation to  have free access to the Maker Faire on the Conference day.

The Third Industrial revolution is speeding up. Be an actor of it, not a spectator!

Invitation Solar 3D printer