The Salentinian Television TELERAMA says the thruth on the Greek debt and the Commission led by professor Eric Toussaint

The Editor of the Salenvernaleonetinian TV station  Tele Rama, has made a clear choice of freedom of information and has decided to broadcast the report from Athens made by free lance Italian journalist Giorgio Simonetti telling the public the thruth about how the Greek Debt has been formed and  its illegal carachter. As the International Monetary Fund has unequivocally stated the Greek debt is unsustainable and the agreement reached on monday the 12th in Brussels is not serious because Greece will never be able to pay it back, therefore a debt massive reduction is  strongly reccommended if the EU wants to have a realistic approach to this probelm. The final report of the Commission chaired by professor Toussaint will be issued at the end of the year, while the report presented last June is only the preliminary findings. This report will clearly identufy the proportion of the greek debt that should be cut because it is illegal and immoral, being related to teh bailout of Greek banks involved in losses due to hazardous investments in toxic assests.

toussaint 18 giugnoThe basic assumption of the work performed by the Toussaint Commission (Toussaint also led the Ecuador Commission for the audit of the Ecuador Debt established by President Correa in 2007) is that these losses should not be covered by the Greek State and the Greek people and tax payers because they are private debt, and should be  covered by the private financial institutions that provoked them.

The full  TV program can be viewed at this link: