Italian bureaucracy is killing energy efficiency. In whose interest?

Professor Livio de Santoli, author of the Rome SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) speaks up against Italian bureaucracy that’s preventing Italy from reaching its European Energy Efficiency targets “Italian Bureaucracy is not making it easy for energy efficiency in building in Italy.  Acvtually it is making it harder, contrary to what the EU is dictating. Energy efficiency is a very labour intensive economic sector, but in Italy it is not working because there is over regulation. There are  hundreds of different laws regulating energy efficiency that need to be consolidated in just one text. If the Italian legislative powers don’t act immediately,  Italy will not meet its 2020 targets for energy efficiency in building. Italian legislative powers have a direct  duty to approve a clear and easy-to-apply  legislation to give clear indications to the energy efficiency industry” says Livio de Santoli, who is also the Energy and Buildings manager of the Sapienza University in Rome and the author of the Manifesto TERRITORIO ZERO with CETRI-TIRES’ President Angelo Consoli. He made this point was made at a conference in the Italian Senate, organized by 5 Stars Senator Gianni Girotto. See the video here (in Italian on the web site of the Italian daily newspaper IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO).
In questo video de “IL FATTO QUOTIDIANO” si impara dalle sue parole perchè è così  difficile in Italia fare efficienza energetica in Italia e cosa bisogna fare per risolvere la situazione.

Livio de Santoli at the Italian Senate Conference "HOW MUCH EFFICIENCY DOES BUREAUCRACY WASTE?" organized by Senator Gianni Girotto of 5 Star movement, on the 15th of January 2015.