DON’T HIDE FROM THE SUN! Sweeping away anti solar mythology.

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Ever heard how scientists estimate that more than enough solar energy strikes the earth every hour to power our whole society for an entire year?

Yep, that’s right: every hour.

CETRI TIRES is proud to offer you this free ebook, (courtesy of the Climate Reality project) that will help you set the record straight in all the social media about:

  • How solar power affects our economies
  • Real causes of climate change
  • Reliability of solar energy
  • False solutions to climate change
  • And more

Yet despite this fact, many people debate – or simply don’t understand – the tremendous benefits of solar power and other renewable energies. That’s why we put together the ebook, Top Solar Energy Myths, where we debunk some of the most common misconceptions around solar power.


Find out how powerful and practical solar energy is, and how it will help lead us toward a sustainable, clean energy future for our planet. Enjoy!

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