Strasbourg; the the vote on pro-TTIP resolution in the European Parliament, shockingly,  was called off this week in Strasbourg..

Officially, Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, said the debate had been postponed “to give more time … to further reflect on the outstanding issues and to reduce as much as possible the large number of amendments tabled.”

In reality we know that the MEPs received a lot of pressure from their constituents also thanks to the mail bombing organized by the STOP TTIP  campaign.

CETRI-TIRES has  joined the  “STOP TTIP” Campaign and feels very satisfied about this result.

TTIP — Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — is a massive corporate power grab that would grant corporations unprecedented power over our lives. Members of European Parliament were scared they would lose the critical vote on the pro-TTIP resolution, so they postponed the vote at the last minute.

People-powered movements have played a huge part in stopping this resolution from passing. We’ve contributed to this immense public pressure with our European-wide campaign against TTIP: As of this week more than 2 million people have signed the self-organised European Initiative to stop TTIP.

Members of the European Parliament have heard us loud and clear. One battleis won, but the war is still raging on.

The ennemy is rich and powerful. We cannot  afford to lower the guard right now.

That is why we have to  ramp up the pressure and make sure no pro-TTIP resolution will never pass in the European Parliament, and this dangerous trade deal will bite the dust!

Anyone who wants to know more the details about TTIP, just can’t.

This deal is being negotiated behind closed doors, with only government representatives and corporate lobbyists able to read its  The deal clauses are being discussed between non elected governemnt officials and non elected corporate lobbyists. But several leaks of secret treaty drafts have let us know just how dangerous the trade deal is!

It is outrageous that the profits  of a few global corporations should prevail on the interests of the citizen to a clean environment, social rights, safe food.

Yes, with TTIP, all the  workers’ protection, Environment standards and our food safety, clean energy, social rights and many other things we care about are on the chopping block.

Hundreds of corporate lobbyists and government officials thought it would be easy to push this massive trade deal through. But we aren’t taking the biggest corporate power grab in history laying down.

CETRI-TIRES joined efforts with more than 400 partner organisations all across the European Union to form a self-organised, EU-wide citizens’ initiative ‘Stop TTIP’. With over 2 million signatures, we have become the largest European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ever.

The bigger we get, the more likely we’ll be able to win the fight against TTIP.

Two years ago, conventional wisdom said that in the epic fight between the corporate-backed trade deal and regular citizens, stopping this dangerous deal would be nearly impossible. Across the Atlantic, another massive trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being negotiated and the chances of stopping it seemed similarly bleak.

But we came together and fought battle after battle: Everywhere that world leaders and trade negotiators have gone for their secret talks, from Hawaii to Brussels, SumOfUs have been there too. We’ve funded newspaper and radio ads all over the world, and overwhelmed key decision-makers’ offices and email inboxes to stop the secret trade deals.

Thanks to the work that all of us, and our partners across the globe, these deals are no longer a sure bet: In Europe, the EU commission didn’t get the expected green light from European Parliament. And in the US, we’ve managed to delay “Fast Track” — a bill that will speed the trade deals through Congress without democratic oversight.

We’ve come a long way, now let’s keep up the pressure and stop these deals for good. Now it is not the time to stop. Let’s keep the pressure high.

Can you add your voice to the European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP now?

TTIP discussion must not be post-poned, it must be cancelled!

Many thanks to all those who will become active, signing and pressurizing any MEP they know against TTIP.

Let’s make the voice of the citizen heard louder than the voice of the corporate lobbyists.