We are now in the end game in the second Industrial revolution…”

A New Start for Europe. This is the slogan on the banner hanging high on the Berlaymont Palace. And here we go…Brussels again. First at the Polytalk Summit in Palais d’Egmont, and afterward in the Commission to meet the Vice President for Digital Europe, Andrus Ansip, and then in the Parliament to meet President Martin Schulz. We have been talking about the millions of jobs that can be created tomorrow morning by establishing the infrastructure of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is time to act now, because this is the last call to bring back the European Dream and cancel the crisis nightmare. A new Start for Europe, and the world. It is a hope not only for Europeans, but for all citizens of the world, because if Europe will lead, the world will follow.

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Bruxelles. Jeremy Rifkin introducing The Industrial Renaissance Conference in Palais d’Egmont. President Elect Jean-Claude Juncker will conclude the morning session dedicated to the Third Industrial Revolution.
Brussels. This is our fourth Commission: Prodi, Barroso I, Barroso II and now Juncker. 12 years spent to advocate a Third Industrial Revolution. We are going to meet Vice President Andres Ansip, in charge of Digital Europe. To remind him that Digital Europe is more than free wi fi and broadband. It is the internet of thigs, prosumers, collaborative Commons, sharing economy, and power to The people. We need to switch from the Fiscal Compact to a new Social Compact!