CETRI-TIRES meets Greenpeace: NO to offshore drills in Sicily’s seas, YES to Solar energy for everyone

CETRI-TIRES meets Greenpeace and the Rainbow Warrior, the ship that has fought and fights so many battles over the seas of the whole world for the protection of the oceans and to spread the principles of sustainability, respect for Nature and environmental commitment.


The Rainbow Warrior is moored at the port of Palermo, one of the stops of the tour "No Country for fossils" ("Non è un paese per fossili") that in these months (June 28 to August 3) is touching some of the main Italian ports to raise awareness about the dangers of offshore drillings, shale gas and fossil fuels.

The Secretary General of CETRI Leonida Bombace visited the Rainbow Warrior and brought the esteem and affection of CETRI to the staff of the vessel and the greeting and encouragement of Jeremy Rifkin, that will be in Italy in the coming week as a keynote speaker of the informal European Council that will be held in Venice as part of the Digital Venice conference.

For the occasion, one of the Solar Charged LED lamps of the TRI LED Lantern project was given to Captain Joel Stewart. We hope that just as the Rainbow Warrior brings the light of courage and commitment in the seas and in the ports around the world, so the TRI LED Lantern will bring light (in the literal sense of the term), sustainable and for everyone, to the many people, men women and children, that still do not have access to electricity in their homes and in their schools.

The TRI LED Lantern project is the result of collaboration between CETRI and the startup of Indian Engineer Prince Verma; its purpose is to build and deploy Solar LED Lamps specially designed and built to be durable, reliable and sustainable from the environmental and the economic point of view, in the poorest areas of the planet.
Videomessage by Jeremy Rifkin for the pilot project Solar School Adoptions, in which the TRI Led Lanterns were first introduced to provide two villages near Iquitos, in Peru, with sustainable and affordable energy.
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Hereafter some pictures taken during the meeting: