Youth Employment: First Forum of Young MEP-MP – Brussels Dec 5th

The First Forum of Young members of national European Parliaments, organized by the Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament and scheduled to be held in Brussels on Thursday, December 5th, will be attended by a delegation of the Italian Movimento 5 Stelle, that will bring to the Forum's attention a position paper presented by the member of Italian Camera dei Deputati Claudio Cominardi.
The position paper, written in cooperation with the team of experts of CETRI-TIRES, advances proposals to improve the criteria with which the EU funds are granted and given to young entrapreneurs and innovative startups, covering different areas of interest by proposing, among other things, a large social plan aimed at establishing a higher standardization of the social and workers’ rights and asking to start financing innovative projects all over Europe with low interests to set up the thriving of innovative enterprises and ideas in the Continent.
What follows is a brief excerpt from the text of the intervention of Claudio Cominardi:
In the “Manifesto for a Free and United Europe”, in 1942, Altiero Spinelli writes:

“Young people are to be assisted with all the necessary provisions in order to reduce the gap between the starting positions in the long struggle ahead of them. In particular, State schools ought to offer the effective possibility of continuing their studies up to the highest level to the best students, not only to the wealthy ones […] a series of measures ought to be taken to unconditionally guarantee a decent standard of living for everyone, without lessening the stimulus to work and to save. In this situation, no one would any longer be forced by need and misery to accept unfair work contracts”.
With these words in mind, in my opinion, the Youth Employment Guarantee Plan makes sense only if it spells “plan against precariousness”.