China announces $82 billion plan for a Third Industrial Revolution Energy Internet. Meanwhile, TIR spreads around the globe

Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Chinese State Grid Corporation, lays out China’s ambitious plan to lead the world into the Third Industrial Revolutionin an article titled “Smart Grid Hosting and Promoting the Third Industrial Revolution“(here the translation).

Under the plan, millions of people in neighborhoods and communities, as well as hundreds of thousands of businesses, will be able to produce their own green electricity locally and share it on a national energy Internet, just like they now create and share information online.

The distributed, collaborative, peer-to-peer, and laterally scaled energy infrastructure will fundamentally alter the economic life of China, while establishing its commanding leadership in the next great economic revolution.

Meanwhile, Third Industrial Revolution is spreading throughout the world:

In Europe, the French Region of Nord-Pas de Calais has completed and published its TIR Master Plan, created through the collaboration of the Office of Jeremy Rifkin and the local Authorities. The application and development of the Master Plan is expected to create 165.000 job places.
Jeremy Rifkin has also recently been awarded the Energizer of the Year Award in the Energy Oscars Event, hosted by the Energy Academy; the event took place on November 14th 2013 in Berlin, Germany. 

In Asia, aside from China, also Kazakhstan is showing interest and commitment in the vision of a Third Industrial Revolution: the Government recently announced the appointment of a famous architecture firm specialized in renewable energy integration to be the master planner and architect of the 2017 World Energy Expo.

The $3.5 billion Expo, themed on Mr. Rifkin’s vision of a five pillar Third Industrial Revolution, will introduce millions of fair-goers to the smart, sustainable city of the future.