British MEP Chris Davies: “EU’s current carbon capture strategy has collapsed”

The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Strategy of the European Union has collapsed. CETRI-TIRES welcomes this as very good news!

In fact the European Union should never have engaged in such an expensive and pointless project. If the oil companies like this system, then let them pay for it: the EU taxpayers' money should not go to projects of the Second Industrial Revolution that promote unfairness and inequality; that money should be invested in the solar distributed energy technologies of the Third Industrial Revolution!

Hereafter an excerpt from the report on CCS made by The Parliament Magazine: you can read the full article here.
Rapporteur Chris Davies heads up our cover feature on carbon caption and storage (CCS), calling for “commitment” from member states and a business model which can “promote private investment”. Davies raises concerns that Europe is "going to get left behind again" in the fight against climate change, stressing that through the construction of CCS projects "tens of thousands of jobs should have been created by now".
"Policymakers in Brussels should make it a priority to ensure that at least a few full chain CCS projects are taken forward to operation," said the British deputy, who warned that the EU's current carbon capture strategy has "collapsed". Davies says that the EU and the member states must "build on the painful experience gained and kickstart CCS development".